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Has anyone else seen ’30 Second MBA’  on FastCompanyHow fantastic are these spots

I’m thinking how great it would be to have our senior leaders do 30 second spots using similar questions and hosting them all on a page of our intranet.  Low effort, high payout!   



So, I attended a ‘women’s networking’ event last night and in doing so I managed to confirm that…                                 

A) I don’t care for ‘women only’ events and…

B) I will never be comfortable wearing a name badge that insists you ask me about ‘blank’.    As in, “Hi my name is Joanie!   Ask Me about that time I was forced to go to a women’s networking event.”

Anyway, I don’t like ’em.  

Ah, but what I DO like is finding ever more brilliant resources that give me a fresh perspective and some new ideas.    As promised let the sharing continue!

  • The factor that separates the men from the boys in Lean Manufacturing is the level of engagement or involvement of the workforce in process improvement efforts.   In this short video Richard Rahn and Gerard Leone from Leonardo Group Americas offer some suggestions for launching an employee engagement effort.   LOVE THIS video!  So practical, measurable and immediately applicable.
  • Campbell’s Soup Company employee engagement essays. Who doesn’t like soup???    NOTE:  To access these papers, you’ll need to create an account.  It’s free, but the ‘toll’ is you need to ‘donate’ a paper of your own.   If you’d rather not…
  • Here’s an article about how Doug Conant, Campbell’s President and CEO, turned the company around.    Love how he views ‘trust’ as the foundation of their people strategy.
  • Some great vids on Social Media can be found here

You know, you have to be careful about assuming you fully understand the opportunities present within social media.   To really (I mean really) understand the value and potential of social media, you’ve got to follow the gurus, do your homework and as Gary Vaynerchuk says – live it and taste it.   The more I learn, the more fascinating I find this stuff and the more fun I have thinking of ways to unlock this potential within my current scope of influence.  

How about you?

I was thinking that we all learn by experience, but some of us have to go to summer school(Peter De Vries)

How are you spending your time during these hot, humid and at least for me, relatively quiet days of August? Personally I’m trying to avoid browsing all the amazing cardis Anthropologie is stocking for the fall (fa-bu-lous-ness) and rather adhering to the advice of a colleague who many years ago advised that when things are slow you should take advantage and ‘go to school’.   It was, and is, good advice. 

So off to summer school I’ve gone!  Although not like in HS when I was actually sent to summer school for gym.  God I hated gym.     

Anyway, I’ve been spending time browsing our corporate intranet and taking any online course I can find that may help to increase my general knowledge and expertise.  I’m also taking the time to improve my understanding of our corporate strategy, initiatives, brand and so forth.    If you have access to one – I bet you’ll find a lot more on your intranet than you might think.    If not, I’d see it as a great opportunity to contribute, and maybe that’s how you end up spending your downtime (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, jab)

Although I can’t (obviously) share what I’ve sourced internally with all of y’all, I CAN share other great bits of information and inspiration I’ve managed to find online – so here you go:

I’ll keep posting as I continue discovering.   Feel free to share anything you come across as well.

Happy Summer!

This newbie blogger is finding some great advice on Penelope Trunk’s blog – The Brazen Careerist.   Here you go, and thanks Penelope!

Honestly I feel like I’m so late to the party but I’m having so much fun.

Trying to come up with a creative idea to address a particular talent challenge? Whatever solution you propose – ensure that you can measure your success, and if you can’t – don’t do it. Don’t waste your time on activities that undermine your contributions. And by undermine I mean chip away at your credibility.

Let’s face it, when you work in a business environment, you have to speak the language of business. And the language of business is numbers.     Smiling happy faces are great, and for my money, the real goal.    I mean, just look at them.

BUT if you want to be taken seriously, and have the opportunity to continue to impact larger and larger organizations, and more importantly the people who lead them – you’re going to have to demonstrate real results which leverage real metrics.    So I say, if you can’t measure it, don’t do it.

Generate performance metrics in any way you can and be sure not to limit your approach to surveys.   I mean, surveys are great, don’t get me wrong, and they provide awesome data -but without solid response rates and follow through they will fall flat (more on that in another entry.)

When crafting talent solutions, be creative, target your efforts and measure in any way you can.  Then be sure you’re communicating out your activities and your results on a frequent basis to the most senior folks you can.   Oh and be sure you’re making a connection to the business strategy!

Do this consistently and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll create a broad based realization that ‘the people stuff’ is the real key to your company’s success.


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