If you are NOT following Inc Magazine on Twitter (@IncMagazine) please do yourself a favor and do so toot sweet.  Their Tweets are awesome and soooo useful in ways you really don’t realize until you read some of the articles they point you to and then you say, hey wow, I can use that.

Here are a few recent links that I thought were uniquely useful: 

Confidentiality Agreement for Employees   (Note:  view it for free, but buy it for $19 US)

Five Things You Can Learn From Your Receptionist   (I can think of more than 5 but its a start!)

How to Fill a Job Nobody Wants   (Are there actual jobs that nobody wants these days?)

Three Things to Never Say on Twitter  (So simple really, but think of your younger staff members – grads etc – this wouldn’t hurt as a reminder when discussing the value of a person brand.)

What are some constructive ways to give negative feedback    (I really like some of the reader comments posted to this question on their Ask Inc. feature.  Managers can always use a fresh perspective and fresh language on how to do stuff they would rather avoid!)

Oooh and a quick shout out to Business Week for this article:  Workers of the World Unite      It highlights how various companies are investing big dollars on collective intelligence tools that allow them to tap their employees to help solve corporate challenges.  Sooo interesting to dweebs like me.

Joanie  (Twitterable on @joanierobi)