A week or so ago I posted an invite for a seminar with Marshall Goldsmith. I just now perused the notes (or as an old friend used to call them – ‘wisdom nuggets’) I captured from that session and thought I would share them here:

First of all, the talk featured a great thought leader – Jim Kouzes – who I frankly had not heard prior to this talk, but now I’m an official fan. Here’s his website.

My favorite quote: “Pity the leader surrounded by unloving critics or uncritical lovers.” Ha! Love that.

(His) Research indicates that despite the ‘generation’ – all people believe that when it comes to leadership, what matters is ‘what you do’.

Leaders should focus on the fundamental, forever truisms, of leadership

Focus less on the challenge which will shift, and more on what to always do.

Leaders are now tougher on themselves in self assessing than even their 360s. This is owed to the fact that there is a greater awareness now of what it means to lead.

Honesty was revealed as the #1 most valued characteristic of leadership. Vision was #2 (ie. what would you, the leader, like the future to look like?) and 3rd (I think) was Trust.

As a leader, its useful to imagine its 2020 and wonder what the leaders you influence today might say they learned from you

As a leader, you should spend 25% of your time focused on the future and less time working as an individual contributor

The best predictor of managerial success is the person’s capacity for, and interest in, learning

To become an ‘expert’ you need to dedicate yourself to something for 10,000 hours – hich equates to 7 hours a day, 7 days a week for 10 years (note: I have not checked the Math on this!)

Leaders should do something every day, and then work to measure it

Finally always remember that high Trust = high Performance

Happy Friday!