Below are my favorite tweets of the weekend so far, care of @fastcompany, @IncMagazine and @thisissethsblog…enjoy!   

  • Facebook backlash: Who wants 500 friends when you can’t find someone to love? @BruceNussnbaum
  • Change Generation: Interview w/Blake Mycoskie, Founder & Chief Shoe Giver of @TOMSshoes   (sigh…)
  • What’s the most effective way to communicate an essential point? CEO of Jensen Group answers today’s #30SecMBA
  • Give your boss a hug and kiss (OK, maybe just a handshake) because it’s National Boss Day!
  • Slideshow! Leadership Lessons From @MadMen_AMC
  • Do you have a habit of sending e-mails that freak out your staff? A solution:
  • Pretty much everything Seth Godin posts is brilliant – but I particularly like this one on ‘heroes and mentors’