Hello Blogosphere!   It’s me, Joanie…

If you’re reading this – hi there – and thank you.   I have started this blog in an effort to connect and share with fabulous, talented and like-minded people on the topics of organizational and personal development, communications, employee engagement, talent management, coaching – basically, all the ‘people stuff’ of a corporate environment.

Sooooo I want to talk to you!   Please say ‘Hi’ and let me know what’s on your mind.

I don’t know about you (yet) but I gravitated towards this type of work by accident/on purpose over the course of my twenty or so years in the working world.  If I sat to wonder why (which it seems is the luxury of a blog, because you sit around a LOT and wonder why), I think it’s probably because I’ve always loved to write.   I’m also the creative type and despite my innate shyness, I like people.   I want to help.   In a classic corporate environment (because of course, I’m also a money grubber) what else could I really do?

Now that I’ve spent a few decades accumulating what I think is a pretty sweet roster of accomplishments, experiences and well, wisdom – I guess I feel like I have something to say.   

Not I’ve got it all figured out.    I mean I still struggle for credibility, still argue the merits of my chosen path, still preach the high road, the right path, and the downright necessity of doing the right thing when it comes to managing employees – and still marvel at the challenge of getting 1000+ people all swimming in the same direction.    But I do have some core beliefs that never seem to steer me wrong.  Things such as practicing servant leadership, demonstrating personal accountability, leading by example, impacting the bottom line through creating vibrant and creative work environments, and for heaven’s sake, communicating!   Helloooooo!!!   Sheez Louise.

Over the years I’ve had my successes, some battles, my abysmal failures and of course, a lot of fun.   I still do, on a daily basis.   In a nutshell I guess that’s the real reason for this blog – to share all of that with all of you.  

I also want to be practical and helpful and share solutions, templates, strategies and any articles, books or resources I come across – since even in my downtime, I tend to eat this stuff up.    I suppose I really believe that at the end of the day, people like you and me are making the world a better place – one manager, one employee, one department and one company at a time.   I’m passionate about that.   What are you passionate about?

Here’s to all of us who handle all ‘The People Stuff’!    Where would they be without us?

The best to you,


P.S. I purposely haven’t provided a resume review above because I’m trying to stick with the spirit of this whole thing – but then again, it might be useful for you to know a bit more about my professional background…

  • I’ve served as a global head of talent, engagement and communications at 5 huge investment banks (think DB, BofA etc)  overseeing global employee populations of about 12,000 at the max. I’m currently focused on the same topics at yet another mega-bank, although hardcore business strategy has been added to my plate and I’m LOVING it.
  • I’m not, nor have I ever been, in HR. I’ve always worked within the business functions. So while I’ve liaised with HR folks, I’ve never actually been one.  Just sayin’.
  • Certified life coach (although I prefer executive and career coaching – I enjoy ‘tweaking the prism’ with the leaders I get to work with.   I basically get to tell the boss where he needs to improve and actually get paid for it. Sweet.)
  • Keynote speechwriter (NYSE, PMI etc)
  • Additional experience includes stints in publishing, public relations and external affairs
  • I have a very strong track record of results – everything from increasing intranet site traffic by 300% to increasing employee engagement by 15% year on year.    My corporate newsletter was also the subject of a best practice article in the Ragan Report.  If you’re into communications, I’m guessing you’d know who they are.   I’ve also taken to leveraging new platforms, like video blogs, with great results. 

Personally – I’m wife to an amazing husband and mom to an incredible son who’s at college and lives way too far away.  I miss him.  I’m proud of him.  

We have two adorable dogs who I spend all my spare time gushing over (I repeat, my son is away at college).   

Oh and I have two gift shops on Etsy. I never make any sales, but when I do, ohhh boy – it’s the best feeling in the world!   If you ever need any votives with crystals glued to them, I’m your girl.