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Working on a town hall presentation these days and stumbled across a neat quotations site called World of Inspiration.

Actually found a bunch I haven’t heard (which is really saying something)….like this one…“Just because something is easy to measure doesn’t mean it’s important.”  Seth Godin.

Speaking of Seth Godin…have you heard of The Domino Project?   I’m in love with this site and concept – changing the way books are created, sold and sent out into the world.  I, of course, have all the books and they are, of course, all great and highly recommended.   I haven’t read ‘We’re All Weird’ yet but with that title alone, c’mon, you know it’s gonna be great.   Oh and the cover is amazing, as all their covers are.

Oh and to all my tens of readers, sorry I haven’t posted in what feels like forever.   In recent months I actually started a new job and well, it’s been so beezy.   Anyway, I promise to share more frequently particularly as the new job has caused me to come up with a whole slew of snazzy new communication and engagement initiatives.  Fun, fun, fun.

Complete non-sequitur…

Here is a picture of our Havanese Rudy…I know, so cute right?


When trying to bring a message across, its important to speak the ‘language’ of your employee population.   To that point, I’m definitely using this for my next Information Technology town hall.   I see theme tie-ins around the principles of agility, cooperation, efficiency, adaptability, cohesion etc etc.   What other great thoughts or epiphanies might this inspire?

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