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I really can’t express just how much I love and admire Nancy Duarte and Duarte Design.  Suffice to say, I’m a devotee.    If you are in any way involved with creating or delivering a speech or presentation – or if you’re even remotely interested in what it takes to communicate masterfully – watch this talk and buy her books on Amazon.  She’s a-ma-zing.


‘The Parking Lot Movie’ – A 2010 documentary about a bunch of 20 something, way intellectual, parking lot attendants who really, really love their job.

These guys elevate what some may deem a lowly occupation to something truly meaningful, and apply the kind of dedication, passion and creativity most managers only dream would ever come out of their teams.    They feel free to do this in large part because of their boss, and the environment he creates.  At one point called a spiritual teacher, Chris Farina simply believes that his employees come first, and that customers (which in this case he considers the cars) come second.  I love this film.   If you have a Netflix subscription, you can ‘Watch Instantly’ too.

Andrea Useem at Brazen Life created a nifty post today highlighting 6 Must Watch Career Videos selected from Big Think…all of them awesome.

And finally two videos featuring Steven Johnson discussing ‘Where do Good Ideas Come From?‘.    

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